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"...Nothing was too much trouble and you left us with deep satisfaction of a job well done.
I would have no hesitation in recommending your company in the future

Many many thanks.."
Ron and Jill Rice

Web_Decor "...Perfect job perfectly done. If it wasn't for the fact that the tree has gone we wouldn't know that you'd been. Many thanks. Please feel free to add this message to you testimonials..."
Frank Allender,
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Mr R, Worsley, Rossendale


Tree Services.


ASG Tree Services Ltd have a wide range of professional services available for all your Tree Surgery/Urban Forestry needs.


We are happy to provide free quotes on all types of tree problems. We cover Rossendale and surrounding areas we are based in Rossendale Lancashire.

Tree Surgery.

Urban trees need to be maintained, as they can become a danger to the public. Old wounds can become weak points on the tree. Trees naturally produce dead wood, which can be removed before it falls causing damage to property or people. Certain growth abnormalities can become potential weak points as the tree matures. All these things cause potential hazards. Trees that are growing near to houses may have their branches interfering with gutters or windows. The tree may be just far too big for the size of garden it is in.

Felling poplar

Dismantling and Felling.

The complete removal of a tree, by carefully removing it in sections, when an unsafe tree is a hazard to property or the public. ASG Tree services is a highly specialist firm and has invested in rigging equipment and training to ensure you get the very best and safest sectional fell.

Crown Cleaning Leading to Crown Thin

Crown thin

Please see work specifications : Tree Surgeons and tree work by ASG Tree Services Rossendale Lancashire England UK We carry out this procedure leaving your tree in a safer more attractive form allowing increased air flow to the crown benefiting the tree increasing light penetration to the ground.

Crown reduction

Crown reduction

We can crown reduce your tree if you require,Due to the subsequent re growth normally we would recommend that the tree is in the wrong position and you would be far better off removing and replanting with a more suitable species.

Blue bells

Woodland Management.

Woodlands are becoming increasingly smaller. The Urban sprawl is encroaching and it is hard to define the boundaries. Woodland managers are increasingly looking toward ecologically friendly low impact forestry management and ASG Tree Services can advise and undertake low impact woodland management.

Stump grinding

Stump Grinding.

We can grind all sizes of stumps in all locations, due to our compact stump grinder.

Tree Reports.

We are in a position to make available Tree reports and Tree surveys covering Risk assessment.

Expert Pruning and Trimming


The crucial stage in arboriculture! We can recommend and plant correctly the tree to suit yours and its environment.

For people who really care about their work contact ASG Tree Services Ltd.

Free Phone: 0800 404 6978